The aliens warn us not to nuke the planet because it would ruin their colonization

“We’re gonna call it bidencare by adding a pubic option—goddamnit public option public”

@if I would say they don’t seem to be taking negative actions against humans but abduction ethics are murky especially if we don’t fully grasp the timescale of their actions, or the character of potentially different aliens

@if if it’s a psyop it would’ve had to have been run in dozens of countries since the 1950s, with no hints of the tech bleeding into what we see in the defense industry. I tend to think that’s less likely, also because I think life is common in the galaxy and our understanding of physics is incomplete so travel is probably not as much of a problem as we think

@if exaggerating about the AATIP “leaks” but they’re really accelerating it this last year

the disclosure of aliens by the government has been so smooth it's really been no shock at all if you think about it, 2 hidden government-led investigative programs spanning 4 decades, a couple dozen alien-centric hollywood movies and tv shows and perhaps a dozen "ufo mystery" open-ended documentaries in the last 3 decades, 13,000,000 released documents, interviews and videos and the creation of a military space force in the last 11 days

Oh cool my windows laptop for work that has been closed for hours is running the fans like it’s working hard I’m sure it’s up to something safe and good and moral

Aside) There is a belief also that life elsewhere will be so different from DNA-based life that it may be unrecognizable. Again, likely *some* life is, but DNA components are actually not rare in space, and there are many related structures near to DNA that could lead to things with similar composition and properties in my humble opinion.

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END) So, on the contrary, I think in the diversity of life in space, the subset that can achieve interplanetary travel, we are actually very likely to preferentially notice those who share a lot of our common motivations. I don't think anthropomorphism of greys is by default a bad starting point to begin our understanding.

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4) They have warned us through telepathy to stop environmental destruction, and demonstrated how to kill nuclear missile launches. In the same way we would try to change the environment to slow invasive species from destroying it, or police ourselves from pollution, these actions suggest they share a similar regard for preserving life.

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3) They're reported to examine humans, erasing our memories after. This is so similar to humans who study other animals it's hard not to project our motivation of increasing our knowledge onto them.

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2) They are physical and technology oriented. Their vehicles leave physical impressions and they physically travel inside of the vehicle. We exhibit precisely the same characteristics and "drive" to travel to far off places. This behavior could be the result of some totally unrelatable motivation or no motivation at all, but that in my opinion is less likely than we share some of the same motivations.

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1) They look like us. Either they do naturally (convergent evolution) or can project a relatable image to us. In both cases, this suggests we're somewhat likely to be able to communicate. (Indeed, even very different animals can communicate shared sentiments to one another on Earth.) Of course, there may be ultra diverse aliens out there, and maybe because they are diverse, they are unrecognizable. But with greys, this is not the case.

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The rule of thumb when trying to understand other intelligence is to not anthropormorphize. This point is especially pressed when referring to aliens, citing differences in biology and history. However, I think for greys, it's totally appropriate.

aliens have some pretty garbage morals for letting us just languish and rot here

spam is good when it comes from old online accounts you forgot to delete


@pandora_parrot I have challenged people who are like, hey it's fine, everyone's doing stuff now-- ok, what changed? are infections down? no. is there a strong treatment? no. a vaccine? no. are more people wearing masks? no. So what the fuck actually changed that makes you think it's ok to come out now versus in March. If anything the only difference is that we know more about the virus, it infects more than just elderly and has more bad long lasting effects. so stay the fuck home!

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electric glowing surf

ELECTRIC GLOWING SURF: a neon, buzzing phenomenon that can occur when many electronic, memory-filled devices come into close contact, especially in heavily polluted waters. See also Tamagotchi, CD-RW, VHS, VirtualBoy, Keytar