I have linkedin & my company uses office, obv both run by MS. I’m starting a new project about oh let’s call it “custom enzymes”, something I have no experience in or even hint at in my profile. I have barely written about it in company non-MS wikis and it’s 4 words on a powerpoint slide I’ve had prepped for 2 weeks BUT OF COURSE the second I give a talk about it within a 2 foot radius of my phone, I get a linkedin request from a custom enzymes person wanting to connect.

@data "no, phones don't listen to your conversations, quit being paranoid" :|

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electric glowing surf

ELECTRIC GLOWING SURF: a neon, buzzing phenomenon that can occur when many electronic, memory-filled devices come into close contact, especially in heavily polluted waters. See also Tamagotchi, CD-RW, VHS, VirtualBoy, Keytar