I'm a scientist and really like what I'm learning about the foss/anticapitalist communities here on mastodon. It's great people are taking tech into their own hands to help free up people from surveillance. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking of ways to do something similar in molecular biology, but the cost for R&D is astronomical, the applications for everyday consumers, not quite as straightforward.

In my spare time I usually am doing some hobby; I like painting, graffiti, and writing sci fi things (, I'll send over a copy of my book, too if you like!) I also started a fediverse group to pool computing power for alien signal analysis (
Toots largely center on US politics, science fiction and type stuff.
I'm also trying to save enough money and learn enough to get mostly off grid but this will take many years!

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to expand on the first point, foss can clearly empower people; how can we do similar with biotechnology? Low-hanging fruit is providing cheap diy medicines. But what else is there? Biological energy? Biological replacements of household appliances/items? How many of these are practical, or soon to be practical with more technological advancement?

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@data i found your book recently! <_<

I read a fair bit of it one evening but then misplaced it until yesterday!

it's so good.

@data (also: deconstruct the grid in your heart <3 and you will find yourself off the grid even if it is all around you)

@emsenn rad, I'm trying to get back into the swing of creating things but I'm coming off a long period of life chaos. maybe soon

@data give me a fungus i can feed food waste to that'll keep itself at a solid temperature so i can use it as a lining in a contianer to inoculate yogurt; that's my first notion, but again I don't know anything!

@data also waterless toilets or faster processing of that waste

@data i'm glad you think of ways your knowledge could be applied to decolonization, to put it briefly!

I think a lot of it might come down to technical knowledge: I bet you're really good at like, getting all the limonene out of a sample, and nothing but limonene. Or all of one kind of fat.

That sort of stuff can help in the creation of stuff like good foods for fungi that can be used in medicine, from what I understand.

But so much of that stuff is so over my head tbh I tend to zone out :D

@emsenn I feel like there's a lot of benefit outside of biotech, too. Planting more trees (the right kind, in the right areas) in the community, understanding how to maintain a simple garden.

@data did you see my post about clever as an aesthetic?

@emsenn no, but I am all for tested home remedies. to some degree I also think placebo is also a powerful thing we should use more.

@data ICYMI, #diybio and #biohacking are two keywords you'll find valuable in your journey, friend :)

@cathal a long time ago I read some of your wiki or blog posts, included the drill-as-a-centrifuge in a story of mine- great stuff! cost reduction is probably the first major step for

@data I'm honoured! :D
I got thrown off the wagon for a few years by kids, but I'm tentatively getting my hands wet again recently. :)

@data There are youtubers cataloguing their experiments into open source genetic engineering -- look up David Ishee. Might give you some ideas. That's all far outside my field.

@data That's a good point.
We haven't actually factored in molecular biologists, crystalographers and cosmologists et alia.
Seriously. I'm not being funny.
And now that China and Russia are capitalist in other clothing, where to look for inspiration?
Cuba maybe? IDK.

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