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Join the Fediverse Universe team if you want to help find intelligent life in the cosmos! All you need is the free BOINC app from UC Berkeley and some spare computing power 👽

sam treadmill. i come from a long line of treadmills.

oh i get it the audience is supposed to be upset these two arent hooking up lmao!!! took me a minute

this movie is like some dude put tires on his mustang and his friend was like badass we should make a movie

i had this weird dream last night where pacman was trying to eat me

so we can pretty much know she's 100% never been washed

i dig everything about this aesthetic down to the children's cafeteria burger and plate

it's so much more cyberpunk to order delivery from the restaurant directly instead of grub hub, figuring our their weird UI

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:WeAreNameless:#WeAreNameless, we have a movie session today, 14 of December, with Cherry 2000 (1987) at 23:00 UTC! :ablobcatrave:

CWs at:

:WeAreNameless:​ Need a place to watch? You've got #OTV:


It’s 2 days later and no one is talking about blue sky lmao

I keep moving back to a city I’ve lived in before every 3-6 years in a loop. Feels like I’ve time-traveled which I have.

*what the deathbot sings while it puts you down

Don’t worry
Every little thing is gonna be alright

7s written without the strike through then are fucking losers

if intelligent aliens circle satellites around their planets (Clarke belt, as in Arthur C.), they would be pretty hard to detect via transit light curves

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sick of everyone porting doom to exotic OS+arches, let's swing it the other way around!

Nothing beats the big ass pockets of a winter coat

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Don't keep the stars waiting too long, traveler.

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electric glowing surf

electric glowing surf: a buzzing, neon phenomenon caused by the convergence of electronic, memory-filled kipple in heavily polluted waters. See also Tamagotchi, CD-RW, VHS, VirtualBoy, Keytar