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If I found myself having bad experiences on Facebook I would simply delete my Facebook account

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23andme is hiding my extraterrestrial heritage why

my neighbour keeps complaining to management that I'm too loud. I literally never use the phone, don't have a tv, use my record player at pretty quiet volumes maybe on a Sunday morning, have never had a visitor, have never had a party, and at my loudest I am watching y*utube on a laptop at half volume like... what?

I just realized his name is D.J. Trump LMAO DJ TRUMP AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA

it's cool to type something into this little box and then decide to backspace it away and not post it and know that zuckerberg didn't get a chance to log it forever

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If you’re part of a community group affected by COVID-tech on college campuses, find ways to get involved in our End University App Mandates campaign

i think it's cool how on mastodon people still follow you even if you arent a brand/constant online personality

made in mexico on netfl*x is all about fresas, ofc


donald trump owes $420 million? lmao stoner got into the simulation code

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The word Astronaut literally means Star Sailor. And that's wonderful.

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cyberPUNK in 2020 isn't made by megacorporations by exploited workers for billionaire future-Tyrells. Silver Spook Live -

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Lmao I’m reading that qanon on fb is scared of covid vaccines having microchips from Bill gates that can track you YET THEYRE ON FB

i love the ufo cgi snippets with bold letters at the bottom "COMPUTER SIMULATION" lol in case you got tricked by N64 era graphics

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watching an 90s documentary and there's a shot of someone's mailbox, next to it is a second mailbox branded washington post. like wow, sure, let me pay for your newspaper while you advertise on my property for free gtfo

i get really irritated when people are like "iF aLiEnS wErE rEaL sOmEbOdY WoUlDvE sAiD" when there are like literally 100s of ex government employees saying aliens are real

no thanksgiving so im not thankful for SHIT this year

rich people may think they're being clever by soaking up all the bitcoins but bitcoin itself has shown that at any point, people can decide to stop using one kind of money and start using another.

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what if the real cyberpunk was the dystopia we lived in along the way

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electric glowing surf

ELECTRIC GLOWING SURF: a neon, buzzing phenomenon that can occur when many electronic, memory-filled devices come into close contact, especially in heavily polluted waters. See also Tamagotchi, CD-RW, VHS, VirtualBoy, Keytar