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23andme is hiding my extraterrestrial heritage why

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Join the Fediverse Universe team if you want to help find intelligent life in the cosmos! All you need is the free BOINC app from UC Berkeley and some spare computing power 👽

DNC hypocrisy 

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C̲l̲i̲c̲k̲ to confirm your subscription to Hacker Facts.

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Still looking for coders -- especially coders of marginalized groups -- to help us build an alternative to #FDroid that actively works to cast out all bigotry instead of drawing the line at blatant promotion.

Currently, we're looking for people that are able to code for the Android app, though later, we'll be looking for people capable of coding for a repo and web server, as well as a build server even later on.

If you're willing and able to contribute, hit us up in DMs. We could use the help.

Johnny canales should be the first celeb account

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Lamps in video games are using real electricity 🙀

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Mayo Pete 

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Mayo Pete 

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Vice is putting up quirky "rags to riches" series about people striking it big in surprising economies (e.g. vietnamese immigrant starting a diamond-grill business for underground rappers) and how much are we buying that this isn't a direct ploy to sour young people on socialism?

cannot make this up! msnbc 

i forgot how much of a crush i had on nancy kerrigan

Green is such an oddball color to work with but nature does it so well

forget a tiny house forest sanctuary i want rick deckard's apartment

it really is insane google is running the votes now. absolutely insane.

thinking about how when I was a kid I innately revered things like cards or rocks or trinkets and how growing up christian you are discouraged from idolatry but how actually that tendency is probably what helps people not destroy earth and value important ecological components

Life has really trickled to quiet since leaving corporate social media.

Still I’d like to change my consumption. Just constantly taking in news, podcasts, music, movies, books.

Not so long ago I was making more than just absorbing. Hope those days are not gone permanently.

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electric glowing surf

ELECTRIC GLOWING SURF: a neon, buzzing phenomenon that can occur when many electronic, memory-filled devices come into close contact, especially in heavily polluted waters. See also Tamagotchi, CD-RW, VHS, VirtualBoy, Keytar